Sunday, 21 April 2013

Yellow and circles and sketchbook pages

In the last few days, I've played further with the idea of circles and with yellow and done more research. There is so much of interest and wonder out there ...

My offerings (yellow circles in my sketchbook) ....

And I've been searching via those enticing little snippets I see on other people's blogs linking to yet more inspiration. These beautiful pieces of work (with circles ..) are by Donna Watson and are posted on her blog Layers. She provides links to Japanese art and design which are fascinating and which I feel I must follow up when I have the time.

Donna Watson
Rhythm 1
Mixed media

Donna Watson
Mixed media
These subtle pieces are such a contrast to my brightly-coloured experiments of the moment. They make me think, but right now I can't contain myself....


  1. I know exactly how you feel, I have that kind of quietness in me but to find it I have to get all of the colour out of my system first. I can see you're really enjoying Dionne's workshop, I'm looking forward to the drawing for textiles workshop in June.

    1. Indeed - I'm going to try and find the inner quietness later today.... I may or may not be lucky!

      I envy you the Drawing for Textiles workshop. I just don't think I can make the time in June, though I'm sorely tempted and may see you there after all.

      Thanks very much for all your comments - it's great to get feedback.

  2. Both sets of circles are equally attractive, I think. And isn't it fun to be just 'doing'!!!
    Enjoying your blog!


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