Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thinking .... and stitching stones

My attempts at taking a new direction are still stuck in deep waters despite efforts to put the idea on one side and think of other things. Nothing has come to mind ..... though I've had yet another thought that's telling me it will need investigation and play with pencils, watercolours, scissors and glue ... and maybe even a bit of printing and stitch. That's great by me - I always enjoy playing. It may be more productive, who knows - but more of that another time ...

In contrast progress with stitching the Cotswold Water Parks sample has been quite fast. Funny how sometimes I can see just what to do and how other times I have to think, look and reconsider constantly and even then I make little progress.

Colour that feels right helps. It gives me instant pleasurable feed back, even when the stitches aren't in quite the right place.

I have yet to finish but so far I'm pleased with how it's shaping up. Right now, it looks like this ......................

Water Parks - Detail 1

... and this ......................

Water Parks - Detail 2

The next question will be whether to add machine stitch or to leave it alone. I must remember that, though big pieces make me cautious - this is just a sample so I'll probably take the risk.

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