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Tuesday 6 April 2021

Modelling in card

I've been working towards making a (hopefully) much larger 3D representation of the structures and reflections seen within high rise buildings. The final size of the piece has yet to be decided. Practical considerations will no doubt pose limitations on my ambition!

So far I've put together my first thoughts for three sides of what will probably be a hexagonal piece and am in the process of making a small maquette in light card to help me evaluate the problems.

The images included all come from manipulations of photographs whose origins I've discussed at some length before. I cut small parts from the manipulations I'd made over the last few months in Photoshop and brought them into new strip-shaped files, repositioning and turning each small addition. Each strip was then combined again into one document for printing. 

I then cut each strip out indivicually again, cut look-throughs and varied the edges before joining them together. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Lin. Your comments are always most encouraging!

  2. Wow ... I am so impressed with this work ... you are an architect !
    Such a stunning piece !
    I tried to comment on your last post yesterday, but couldn't ... so hoping Blogger will let me today.

    1. Thank you very much, Sharron. I've always been fascinated by architecture - but without the maths skills to put the fascination to practical use!
      I'm now working on the other three strips which will attach around the back of these to make a hexagonal form. After that, I have to resolve the practical issue of construction on a larger scale ... always a problem.
      So still much to do!


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