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Monday, 24 December 2018

Happy Christmas!

This comes to wish Seasons Greatings to all who follow my blog in such surprising numbers, even when I only post intermittently.

For me, as for many, this year has been mixed. There has been much pleasure with grandchildren (and their parents!), holidays and a summer of wonderful weather. However, there has been worrying illness in the family which has kept me away from my work and sometimes from home for much of the Autumn.

Then the world has seemed to be an increasingly uncertain place. There are the mystifying and unpredictable goings-on across the Atlantic, and trouble and strife in so many places abroad. For us here in the UK, there is the seemingly impossible to solve conundrum of Brexit.

Despite this, I hope for all those who celebrate Christmas that it may be a happy one, however you choose to spend it. To all, I wish a safe, prosperous and happy New Year.

PS This year for my Christmas card, I needed to keep things very simple as time was short following family commitments. I drew this simple image with a cola pen and Liquitex sap green ink on white cartridge paper, photographed it, manipulated it in Photoshop Elements and then printed multiple copies using my Epson P600 printer.