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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sketchbooking 2

More work yesterday and today on the sketch book course I posted about on Tuesday.

I experimented with mark making on backgrounds I'd created on the first day. I had great fun and tried out all sorts of media.

The purple and yellow piece became this with the help of violet circles done with an oil pastel and a print made by inking up the bottom of the ink pot I'd used to paint the back ground in the first place (I went for the subtle approach so it's only just visible in this photo if you look really hard) ...

... and an acrylic painted sheet of acetate became this when scratched with a blunt pair of scissors and an old screwdriver - great fun to do ...

.... and because I thought I should try something simpler, a sheet of cartridge paper painted with acrylic paint using  half an old credit card and drawn on (very quickly) with charcoal became this ...

Tomorrow - I'm behind the curve - It'll be drawing. Even though I draw quite a lot, I'm sure there'll be a new take sprung on us - that's the joy of this course.


  1. I love your papers, you are making me wish I was doing this course all over again. Enjoy!

  2. It is fun, isn't it? Don't know where the week has gone. I think circles is a theme with legs - not what I thought when I started - but then that is what a workshop like this is all about. Great!

  3. Oh, you are getting some lovely pages!!! And I'm with you Pam, this is the kind of course that would be fun to do again!!!

  4. Think I shall probably sign up for the Drawing for Textiles one next. Have either of you done it? I think it might be even more interesting ....


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