Monday, 15 April 2013

Sketchbooking 3

I'm still catching up with myself - but this has been the most interesting and enjoyable sketchbook session so far for me .... Lots to think about.

I cut out pictures that appealed to me from magazines and newspapers, stuck them into my sketchbook and then extended and developed the shapes and designs out onto the mount papers.

One of the sets of clips I chose was brightly coloured and some contained photos of a circus which appealed to me. Another set was monochrome with swirling, arcing plant forms which I had great fun developing - more of them another time.

For the brightly coloured set, I started with this ...

The two halves of which became this .....

and this .....

and when the two black and white pieces were amalgamated they became this .....

Not sure where it'll go next but I think those coconut shy shapes that look so like stylised trees will go somewhere very soon.

PS For anyone interested, the course is Dionne Swift's Online Sketchbook course and details can be found here.


  1. I loved this part of the class, it looks like you are as well. Lovely development of your cut outs, what a great sketchbook you are making.

  2. As you spotted, this part of the workshop is right up my street - my favourite task so far - and one I could spend lots more time on.


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