Sunday, 14 April 2013

Free wheeling

I spent time yesterday afternoon playing with some new media - in particular a set of refillable markers I'd ordered off Dionne Swift's website. I'd filled these with Quink ink as I'd intended to bleach out some of the colour, though so far I haven't done so.

All three were lovely mark-makers - and I will experiment making other shapes and using different inks and paints when I have time.

Colour, contrast and hue enhanced
I found if I pivoted the largest one on itself it made great wheel shapes - like a car or bike wheel travelling fast. 

I then twisted (cheap) pastel sticks over the top, though the colours were a bit limited. (Note to myself - must buy some better ones).

Meanwhile, I played with the contrast and colours in Adobe Photoshop.

Contrast and colour intensity enhanced 

Colour removed
and contrast enhanced

All this is a great change from my usual subject matter. Just shows that doing a good workshop can make you think outside your usual box....


  1. Some lovely marks here!! (Isn't it just the BEST course!!??) And it looks as if you had fun in Photoshop as well. Aren't we lucky to have all these classes and tech tools to play with!

  2. We are indeed so lucky .. and all from the comfort of our own home and in our own time . doubly lucky!


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