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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Finishing Circles

Now finished - my little circles sketchbook ... what fun it's been and how much I've learnt. The main thing that I will take with me straight away has been the use of holes cut through pages to give unusual and unexpected juxtapositions. Exploring colour has also been good (it always is). I've developed some unusual and unexpected (for me) colour palettes.

The outside cover - helped by the lovely paper used by Pink Pig on the outside of their sketchbooks ....

.. and a couple of pages I've not shown before, using a colour palette very different from my usual...

Now, I will start a sketchbook for my next project ....

Seeing some of what I did is no substitute for following Dionne Swift's excellent online course for yourself. For those interested, full details can be found here.


  1. Your circles book looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see how you apply it all to your textile work!! Very exciting!

  2. I think it's work in progress and I have yet to work out quite how I will apply it to my work - though I'm sure I will!

  3. A wonderful source of inspiration for you

  4. Thank you - but as you can see from my comment above, I'm not sure how to use it all yet. Though I had to overcome some home-based techy problems initially, it was really fun and stimulating, wasn't it?. I hope we will meet up again on a course somewhere, somehow! I'd like to see your work 'in the flesh'. That's the one down side to online learning.

  5. I have enjoyed sharing this course with you too and like you am not sure yet where the play will take me. I think the main thing is to keep playing, especially with themes that really appeal to us and maybe Dionne's methods will make sparks fly more easily when we explore our own fields, I hope so anyway!

    1. I agree entirely with what you say about keeping on playing and really like what you say about Dionne's methods making sparks fly more easily - that sums up beautifully my hopes for the course too - no direct links to current work but great ways of working.

      I found everyone's comments on Facebook so encouraging and supportive. It was a great introduction to online learning for me. Thank you too for your input. Maybe we will meet up sometime, either in person or on another of Dionne's workshops. I certainly hope so.


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