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Saturday, 23 February 2013


And here is another precursor to the big Geology piece .... another doodle.

Beneath Our Feet series
Soil Sample
This time it's called Soil Sample and shows the layers in a soil - perhaps the Cotswold soil - and the roots growing through it.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Geological section

Beneath Our Feet Series I
Geological Section
At last, I have finished my Cotswold inspired Geological Section piece. This is just as well as it's due to be handed in on Tuesday for the Great Western Embroiderers' exhibition which opens in Malmesbury Town Hall Gallery on 18 February.

In fact, in the end, all those trials I did were really helpful in working out how to cope with the surface treatment, despite my misgivings. I hand stitched in the free-flowing way I'd used on the stitch doodle I posted at the end of January and machine stitched pretty much as planned - but perhaps not quite as formally. The stitching is shown in the detail below. The hand stitching technique was really enjoyable to do but very time-consuming on a piece 4 feet long.

If I continue with my plans and produce two more pieces in the series, I'll maybe have to come up with a faster solution. Comments were made about the economics of the situation - time spent versus likely income from any sale .... he's right of course, but fortunately this is not an issue, for me at least.

Detail showing stitching

For more details of our exhibition - The Cotswolds - A Stitching Experience - which runs for three weeks in Malmesbury Town Hall Gallery, see my post on 3 January.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Village and Fields

I've almost finished this square hand stitched piece for the next exhibition.

Village Map
French knots and seeding on silk
I've had it around for many months, returning to it at intervals to add more seeding and French knots as the spirit moved me. It has been especially calming and has had a life of its own, seeming to tell me where to stitch.

I now have to put in the last few stitches where they seem right. I'm sure it will tell me where.

Then I need to stretch it properly and decide how to display it - mount and frame or off the wall. I'm sure it will tell me that too.