Gallery of past work

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Picking up the threads

After a break from work, I generally find it very helpful to pick up again briefly where I was comfortable and where things were seemingly almost complete.

These images, revisited from last year, are the result this time. I feel them to be the end of something rather than the beginning which may seem a strange way to begin the new year. However, manipulating the familiar, overlaying, cropping and working with opacity gets creative thoughts running again for me.

This time, as I look now, I've been surprised to realise that the post contains a busy and restless selection of images when presented all together. Perhaps it will seem less so when presented individually. I hope so.

On the other hand by being not very restful, maybe it will make a better lead into the new than I expected.

So now to venture into less familiar territory ... and a different colour palette and new work ...