Gallery of past work

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Pictures and a book

A small pamphlet style book was my solution for this month's meeting of the Stroud Artist's Book group,

and Mondrian the chosen artist. I felt unable to select just one of his paintings (the actual brief) and chose instead to try and represent the essence of his geometric work which I find fascinating. 

This proved to be surprising difficult. My original intention had included shaped and cropped overlays printed onto card and good quality tracing paper so that images could be overlain and some ghosted images seen through several layers. My printer, however, had other ideas. It disliked the tracing paper intensely, devouring it at every opportunity. After a morning of experimentation, I largely abandoned the idea, although the shaping and cropping remained.

The 'seeing through' idea still appeals though and needs mastering on my supposedly 'clever' printer - so I now need to invest in another roll of freezer paper to use as a carrier, and no doubt more time perfecting the art.