Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Plant forms

Yesterday, I posted some 'extended' drawings which came out of the sketchbook workshop I'm currently doing. These were brightly coloured and based on fairground and circus photos and my own abstract acrylic background papers.

These two, by contrast, are snippets from a black and white image of a climbing plant and I've tired to exploit the organic feel of things. I also changed the orientation from

...landscape ...

...to portrait ....

...which seems to give each a surprisingly different feel.

With all this, I feel I'm reaching back to graphic art roots from the course I took as part of teacher training years ago. Maybe it's telling me I need to return ....

PS For anyone interested, the course is Dionne Swift's Online Sketchbook course and details can be found here.


  1. I think that the use of black and white is really effective, it enables the movement to become more apparent. Fantastic potential for stitch.

  2. Hi Maggi I knew I recognised you from somewhere when I saw your face on the Sketchbooks Workshop FB page and have just made the connection with your website and blog - I visit from time to time. Welcome to mine!


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