Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Japanese Circles

Being currently rather taken up with circles and allied things, I went browsing more deeply on Donna Watson's lovely blog.

 I came across the following definition of a circle, taken from Japanese elements of design:

MARU: Circle. Extending a point into a line begins a journey that ends only when the line comes 'full circle' to return to its starting point. The circle thus symbolizes completion. A circle is harmonious and tranquil, yet it represents the cycle that is life. The circle is an opening, a window on the whole of being that it also represents, the eye that sees itself. 

On the linked page given above are lots more links to other posts on her blog that I look forward to exploring when I have the time.

And here is my latest offering on the subject of the circle - or in this case, its close cousin, the oval - some eyes that see themselves?

I suspect all this playing will end soon and then I'll have to work out how to link it all to my textile work..... It's certainly been a great time for experimenting and putting together lots of techniques, many of them already known but not before inter-related.


  1. Hi I received an email from you and when I tried to reply it was bounced back to me twice with the message that there is something wrong with your email address which is odd because you sent me an email. anyway, I remembered that I can leave a comment. Yes, I am pleased that you are including my name and link to my blog with my images. Thank you for the lovely comments you have made about my blog. warm wishes, Layers (donna watson)

  2. Excellent - I'm sorry you've had problems but glad you've found a solution and that I've now heard from you. I don't like including people's work on my blog without gaining permission. I've been fascinated by your references to Japanese design and will be following them up, first of all by reading more of your blog when I have time. Thanks...

  3. Hi again, this may be a goofy question but is your name Margaret or Charlton? Perhaps Charlton is your professional artist name? I am so pleased you are exploring circles.. I love circles and dots... you will find them on my scarves and socks and dish towels and clothing.. and in my paintings and collages. Circle can have several definitions... cycle, or eternity, or completion, or never ending.

  4. Thank you for asking and for your interest - My name is Margaret - Charlton Stitcher is just the name I use for my blog.
    Circles have unexpectedly taken hold for me - as things sometimes do - and I love the way you use them subtly in your work.


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