Saturday, 27 April 2013

Black and white with colour

Recent playing around with black and white has had me scurrying to revisit a technique I first encountered with Sandra Meech at Farncombe* a while ago.

This involved a large sheet of paper (about A1 or A 2) placed on the floor, a 3 inch decorator's brush taped to a long stick, lots of cheap black paint and some crayons or oil pastels.

The results were very abstract and great fun though I will admit to having enhanced the graphic qualities a little in Photoshop.

Gosh where is all this leading? I wish I knew.....

* As an aside, courses like this are sadly no longer available at this lovely UK venue.


  1. Some very interesting marks there. I can see how they might develop into stitching.

  2. Indeed they might ... I now need to look at all the work I've done in the last three weeks and see where it leads me. Lots to think about - but then that's why I do these courses. They stimulate and focus the mind!

  3. Courses are sadly missing in my life right now, but they have such great value ... especially in a group with other artists ... the energy is amazing !!
    The course itself may be just a jumping off point ... the ideas from other artists is what is great.
    This black & white would look fantastic stitched ! Go for it !

  4. Thanks for your comments - lovely to hear from you again. I will indeed go for it! I just have to play a little more to work out how. There are so many options ....


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