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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Negative spaces and scots pines.

Walking and drawing yesterday on a beautiful, cloudless day in the Scottish Highlands (not usually many of those). The trees, the heather, the mountains looked wonderful.

We went to a favourite place, the Lynn of Quoich, up beyond Braemar and couldn't believe our luck.


Over lunch beside the stream, I spied rows of trees against the bluest of skies and drew the spaces between. 

Later, I manipulated one drawing in the photo package on my iPad ... Not the same as Photoshop, but fun for all that.





  1. Sorry, I have managed to delete a comment asking what iPad editing programme I had used for this. My reply was that I used only the built in editing package accessible when viewing photos. I also have IColourama and PS Express, neither of which I've found very satisfactory for especially for drawing (my intended use). The joys of viewing and manipulating Blogger on an iPad!


  2. Photos are great and these shapes speak of themselves...feathers? clouds, waterways and just plain beautiful.
    I once saw an interesting mystery series set on the islands Shetland...I'd love to see again on Netflix but not sure of the title...does that ring a bell? The scenery was beyond beautiful and of course, crime and stuff.

    1. Thank you! So many trees around here to draw, and so little time ... home tomorrow!
      The series does ring a bell indeed. There have been further editions this winter. The series is called, quite simply, 'Shetland' and is also available in book form on Amazon. The TV series is much enjoyed by us so I hope you're lucky in your quest.


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