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Friday, 27 May 2016

Juxtaposing images

A small experiment today juxtaposing torn up scraps of tree images taken in Scotland over many visits ... and with colour manipulated with the help of Adobe Photoshop ...

It's amazing the fun to be had with random scraps of photographs laid against one another and then cropped and flipped and rotated ...


  1. These are interesting - they called to my mind images of medieval painted stained glass.

  2. Awesome! I love all your recent work. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  3. These are great, especially like the middle one.

  4. Very many thanks to you all for your comments. I'm currently on the move with only intermittent internet connection so please excuse brief group reply! I will post when I can.

  5. j'aime l'opposition et l'harmonie des couleurs...

    1. Merçi, Elfi. L'exploration des couleurs est de temps en temps bon pour moi!


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