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Monday, 27 June 2016

On a day out and Cricket

I spent yesterday (trying) to watch that extraordinary summer game of Cricket in Bristol with my husband and wondering why, with our notoriously fickle weather, we in England favour a game that happens outdoors, takes most of the day and requires good weather and preferably many uninterrupted hours of warm sunshine for an outcome?

As you can probably guess, it rained, for most of the afternoon.

Then there are the rules and the objectives of the game. I once tried to explain them in French to visitors who came from north of Paris and who spoke no English. I quickly ran out of vocabulary (try finding the French for 'silly mid-off' or 'bowling a googlie'?). Full understanding of the importance in the game of even the simple words 'in' and 'out' never happened.

As a child, I frequently watched the game with my father who taught at a cricket-playing school and who was a keen supporter of the Hampshire county team. Such experience stays with you but I haven't spent much time in the more than forty years of marriage at cricket matches. I can't say I've missed the exposure but yesterday, if nothing else, proves that the game gives an excellent opportunity to people-watch when everything gets too slow and ponderous or when it pours with rain.

To be sure, despite the rain, yesterday was strangely encouraging and uplifting. All around us were people out to enjoy themselves. Much beer was drunk - much beer indeed - but there was no rowdiness or disruption even when play was stopped for the rain. Mexican waves kept up spirits as did pleasure in the company of friends and family. It was a timely reminder that we live in what is at base a kind, patient and tolerant country and we are lucky.

Long may this continue.

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  1. je suis compl├Ętement ignorante.. mais le criquet me plait mieux que le
    base ball :)))


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