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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pages from a concertina sketchbook

Mixed media experiments here using offcuts from manipulated photographs, tracing paper overlays with printouts of drawings, a Pitt pen and 'blind stitch' holes punched with a needle.

My thoughts were of buildings and roads seen in Australia, carved into the Outback and their effects on the Aboriginal peoples who have lived there undisturbed for 50,000 years. I've been playing for some while now with this imagery. As in all this work, in these small pieces the circles represent the waterholes and meeting places that are vital to the survival of  these peoples in this hostile environment. The fine meandering lines suggest their tracks through the scrublands. They are light and fine in quality to reflect the light touch on the environment made by these people. This contrasts with the thick, strong, dark lines which suggest the harsh and determined intervention of modern development.

In some of the following, the modern structures figure most strongly; in others it is the Aboriginal references.

These in reality are connected as they and others are all in the same concertina book form which unfolds and gives contrast from one image to the next. I found it impossible to photograph the book in its entirety. 


  1. Lovely...I like the movement, the dance!

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann. These are tryouts for a larger piece ... Still much to think about.

  2. Beautiful work. Love what you do in black & white. Did you read Tracks by Robyn Davidson? I did last weekend, and I loved it. Also watched the movie. Her journey was so moving, emotionally as well as physically, obviously! Highly recommended if you haven't read or seen it yet.

    1. Thanks very much, Connie. I'm really enjoying this work. Sooner or later I'll return to colour, I guess, but not yet.
      I haven't read Tracks but having visited Australia and Alice Springs at the end of last year, it looks like a book for me. I've just ordered it (amazingly cheaply) for my Kindle to read on holiday. Thank you!


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