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Sunday, 12 May 2013

In or out of Focus

I recently came across an article via Anni Hunt's blog. Posted on, it says all sorts of things about focus - some unexpected.

Mostly though, it's a great comfort as it justifies beautifully all those hours spent playing.

You'll notice I don't say 'just playing'. It seems that rambling through thoughts and ideas and trying random things out as I do when I'm doing that thing I call play is just what ought to happen ... so that's all right then fact more than all right, a vital part of the process.

What a relief - and no more guilt!

The view left is of my work area after a play session. (Nothing was said about clearing up ...)


  1. A fascinating article, thanks for the link

  2. Looks just like home to me. Great link.

  3. Ah, but would I be more creative if I was less untidy, that's the question?! So glad you enjoyed the link.


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