Friday, 24 May 2013

Bluebells, a stile and a happy husband

In between showers this week, the countryside has been looking lovely. We had a visit from some very dear and long-standing friends from the US this week and took them out exploring.

We found several wonderful bluebell woods, of which this one near Royal Wootton Bassett was one of the most beautiful, though I don't know why photographs taken with my compact camera so often bleach out the colours.

Bluebells under hazel coppice

Then we drove home via Ashton Keynes where we walked through between the lovely Cotswold stone houses towards the church. On the path, as we came to the churchyard, we found this extraordinary stile ... or gate ... not sure what you'd call it really. I've never seen anything quite like it before. 

A happy husband with old friends
and an extraordinary stile
To pass through, you press down on the knob on the right and move it to one side. It's on a spring and takes the other side with it to give a very easy, person and dog-friendly passage through. If anyone can tell me what it's called, I be delighted to know.

We had a lovely afternoon.

That bluebell wood must be a colour inspiration if nothing else ....and what joy it is to spend time with friends you've known all your adult life. There's nothing quite like it for fun and joyous companionship and rekindling all those memories.


  1. A bluebell wood, how truly lovely. And company shared with good friends...two wonderful events!! Life is good!

  2. Oh how I love bluebells. I haven't seen some in a while though there is a woods not too far (a drive)from my house. Thanks for bringing them to mind. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful time!

  3. Good to hear from you both - This spring (and especially the bluebells) has been very special after the awful, long, cold, grey winter we've had. Life sure is good!


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