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Monday, 20 May 2013

A line of Hills

The weather was fine and the garden called yesterday - so, no stitching in black and white occurred.

However, I did have time this morning to search out and revisit an exercise I'd had in my mind when I was doing my cutting and sticking earlier in the week.

Perhaps suggesting hills and a lake in the Highlands of Scotland ... or wherever you like ....

This was done in a weekend workshop with Sandra Meach up at Farncombe Manor a while back and involved several of my photographs manipulated and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop to render them in black and white. These were laser printed ahead of the workshop.

We were then asked to apply Brusho (the reason for laser printing as ink jet printing is not colour fast when wet) and tear and stick and add stitch.

Another useful and enjoyable exercise and I think it will be useful somewhere down the line as I evaluate things .....


  1. This would translate so well into textiles.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Maggi - you are so right .... I have plans ...!

  3. In the circuitous way that Blogland works, I just found you via the Ragged Old Blogger - so pleased. Funny how so many textile artists are gardeners too - do you think it's a coincidence or something to do with the way we're wired up?

    1. And most welcome you are too!
      I have a confession to make - I really can't claim to be a keen a gardener but I'm interested in plants and particularly wild flowers. As to gardens, I prefer sitting in them and looking at them to digging and weeding them! Still the continuously changing growth of the seasons fascinates, nonetheless.
      I've just dropped by your blog - much enjoyed and also new to me - and will make a longer visit when time permits.


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