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Friday, 11 January 2019

Early Thoughts

I began serious play yesterday with the first image of a Swindon street in the early 1900s that I showed in my last post. Initially, I've gone for exploiting features within the image and the patterns they make, in this case, chimneys and a line of washing.

A first thought, where I threw everything at the idea! Here I picked out patterns and shapes from the colourised image and superimposed one on the other.

Then, a couple of images with less on show and in two different colourways and the second one flipped horizontally . It always surprises me what a differenct that makes.

A different format

And, finally for now - just chimneys, though more work is needed on colour and I think they more resemble a collection of bottles!

Next to be investigated on its own is that row of washing in the original photograph.


  1. So interesting! Possibly the last photo looks like a collection of bottles because there are no other "house components" eg windows, to set the context?

    1. Good to hear from you again, Margaret. I'm sure you're right about the lack of windows etc in the last image. I added that small dark brown section of a building towards the bottom which seems to help that part to 'read' better - and also gives a much-needed colour change. More thoughts to play with ...


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