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Friday, 9 February 2018

Rain Book

I've recently been to a couple of meetings of  Stroud Artists' Books, based (as their name suggests) in Stroud in Gloucestershire.  Many in the group are professional print makers who produce beautifully crafted pieces to inspire - and are most encouraging and welcoming to less proficient new-comers.

I have so, so much to learn but being able to see and hold and examine their work and ask questions is helping me to develop my skills in an area that I've long felt could be useful in expressing some of my thoughts and ideas.

Ahead of each monthly meeting, participants are given a theme to work to if the spirit moves them. For February, that theme was, very appropriately as it turned out, Rain. I had little time but generated this small accordion fold piece in Photoshop ...

with the words and thoughts taken from here ...


rain in floods
rain torrential pouring from the road rain
wind lashed cloud-scuttling rain coming in breath-taken gasps
steady-booted splashing through puddles
rain all day streaming
drizzling mizzling rain  
green spring-growing
something to be thankful for warm after winter cold
gently seeping through coats
rain damping the skin  
rain with no end
swift showery people running umbrellas held high
will be gone in a minute rain
misty quietly damp
teasingly hardly there 
rain leaving stealthily quietly on a gentle wind at storm's end 

This is the first time I've included anything creative that I've written but it seemed appropriate here as the words on the photos are so hard to read.

The usual thoughts are very welcome!


  1. ma connaissance de l'anglais est trop faible pour goûter à la poésie! :))) bises

    1. La pluie ... toujours une préoccupation des anglais. Nous sommes les experts!

  2. I love your poem it so sums up the weather yesterday too! That book making group is a very exciting group, making lovely things.

    1. With so much winter rain this year, you could say these lines poured from my pen!
      The book group are indeed exciting - and very helpful. I am so glad I found them. They will provide much encouragement and inspiration I’m sure.

  3. What a lovely job. Love the accordion style book. We could easily paraphrase here substituting SNOW!! Will it EVER end? Seriously, do more of this. It is beautiful.

    1. Good to hear from you and thank you for your very kind words and encouragement. I do certainly plan more of this, even if it’s only the one a month book for group meetings. I think it’s going to fit well with my current work.

  4. I like how visually evocative your lines on rain are. It's great that you have a book making group nearby to inspire and encourage regular projects.

    1. Very many thanks for your comment, Olga. The group are definitely a good find. I’ve had my eye on them for a while!


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