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Sunday, 18 February 2018

2D back to 3D

I spent this afternoon printing out the experimental architectural images I had generated and posted here and here at the end of January (a while ago but I work slowly and get easily diverted). I used 150 gsm card to give some rigidity and cut them out with a craft knife. I had manipulated and printed them so that they would fit back to back and make a new 3D structure when glued to one another. I cut look-through shapes to give more interest and then photographed them after dark and with a spotlight to increase shadows.

First of all, and sitting in the orientation I had originally envisaged, is the mainly black and white face with colour only visible on the reverse of the far side ...

Then the coloured face with some interior shadows ...

Then upside down, in an unexpected orientation (rather uncannily reminiscent of a space invader mask?) and perhaps my favourite ...

Finally from above is a view which seems to generate fresh shapes and interesting internal and external shadows ...

So this shape experiment has given - 3D into 2D into 3D again, all with the help of a camera, and the circle is completed, ... or maybe not. I never did put in those lines of dots that I rather liked on the original photo manipulations. They may change things.

Then maybe I could even return to 2D again through those shapes and shadows. 

I have a feeling this experiment is circular. 

Time will tell!


  1. I love these, and your photos of them are smashing. Were you an architect in a former life?? So much of your work seems architectural. Hope you're well. xx

    1. Very many thanks, Connie. Good to hear from you again.
      In answer to your question, I wasn't an architect, I was a teacher. but I've always been fascinated by buildings and cities. I find them and their buildings exciting and stimulating. Their shapes and reflections seem to give me such great opportunities for exploring design.

      Incidentally, I do still stitch and trees and hedgerows still catch my eye. The group I belong to locally has an exhibition coming up soon where I will be exhibiting some of my stitched pieces. Till then, I'm keeping them under wraps which is why they haven't yet appeared here and this blog has been so architectural of late.
      Hope you are well too and enjoying your quiet time. Take care. xx


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