Monday, 19 February 2018

And back to 2D again?

When I posted last night, I had a feeling there was more to come. Today, I'm back with 2D and playing more visual games.

I began the fun with one of the extra photos I'd ignored yesterday. It had especially pronounced shadows so I traced over the outlines of selected solid shapes and those shadows and filled in with colour.

Feeling there might be more to find, I then moved the original tracing layer to reveal some of the original underlying shapes and traced and filled again. 

And then moved, traced and filled again to reveal another part layer ...

Finally, just out of interest, I masked off the first coloured tracing layers to reveal this accident ...

Looking at the results of these games, I could almost climb inside so I pose the question: is the end product 2D or 3D?

PS Looking at these afresh, I think they could benefit from some of those black and white dots ...


  1. This is SOME interesting play! I've always been entranced by optical illusions - that flat surface that you would swear was actually three dimensional. I think you COULD climb into that last one. ;-)

    1. I've been enjoying a sustained session of ... what if? ... Like you I'm fascinated by visual illusions and the power of line to suggest movement and depth so experimenting like this is great fun. Perhaps I should make more time for such play?


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