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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Gems from my photo files

During a cull of the many unwanted and duplicate photographs (hundreds, in truth) that were taken on impulse during trips away last year, I came across a few gems that I'd long forgotten. These, now manipulated in Photoshop, are of buildings and structures and, like those posted before, have set me thinking and planning further woven pieces. They will need to be simplified (a lot) from these originals but each suggests to me that it contains promising shapes and lines to exploit.

Amazing angles ...

Fine lines, gentle angles and counterpoint ...

Another version of a recently-posted weaving?

In need of tweaking and playing with colour but interesting shapes and angles ...

And lastly, much simplification and a touch of colour to play with?

For those interested, all the original photos were taken in Sydney, several at the Opera House and the rest during gentle ambles around the city. There was such a feast of amazing modern architecture. I fell in love with it all and took many (too many?) photos ...


  1. You take the most interesting architectural photos !

    1. Thank you, Sharron. I think I bore my husband senseless as I stroll around cities and inside buildings taking innumerable photos from weird angles! I find them irresistible.


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