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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Acrylic paint transfer

I blogged here last week about ways of working with images following a weekend course with Sue Brown in Cheltenham.

The easiest and least 'equipment heavy' of the image transfer techniques we used was acrylic paint transfer. Since then I've been exploring further, for now, keeping it simple and combining with perhaps only one other medium.

For this, good quality photocopies of clear images (inkjet printed copies don't work so well, I'm told, though I've yet to try this out), some white acrylic paint and a bowl of water are all that is needed. The ground is prepared with the acrylic paint, the image is placed face down into the acrylic paint and allowed to dry completely, and then the paper backing of the image is rubbed off carefully with a damp finger to reveal a pleasantly muted version of the original.

A simple photo of scots pine trees adjusted for colour in Photoshop, parts of the tree trunks picked out in black Quink ink when the image was still wet after the removal of the paper backing, and the image lines picked out in grey Pitt pen ...

Another image of trees, this time in black and white, photocopy torn into strips, part of the ground painted with black Quink ink when the papers were all still wet so some bleeding into the image occurred, and the main lines picked out in black Pitt pen.

There will be no time to pursue this for a couple of weeks but I'm looking forward to much more experimentation and to including more media (other inks, bleach, other images ...) ... fun ahead!


  1. I am pleased you are finding the technique so satisfying. It is always lovely to see what others do with processes I have passed on. See you again soon

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sue. I really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot out of it that I will pursue.
      I realised when I read your comment and then my post again that I hadn't credited you properly, though I had linked to your website. Many apologies - now rectified, I hope.


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