Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stitching on photos and extending the line

... and more stitching involving cropped sections of black and white photos, previously tried here. This time, I punched small holes through the photos before offering them up to white Fabriano ground paper to give depth and contrast. The stitching and lines within the photos were extended and mirrored in black Pitt pen. 

The main thing I'm trying to sort out, is the best method of fixing the photo croppings firmly without either sticking them on with glue so rigidly so that the photos ruckle and the ground paper distorts (that experiment failed to photograph acceptably), or attaching them loosely and then losing the desired really close interplay between shiny photographic paper (not easy to see in this photo) and the watercolour paper - which is the approach I used here. 

More trials to follow, some perhaps involving fabric, though I have yet to envisage how that will work ...


  1. It is difficult to see details, but the piece certainly looks dramatic. Could you use frog tape to keep the photos in place on the backing paper until you have stitched through? I have found that frog tape works on watercolour paper without lifting it when you pull it off.
    Another effect that can work if you are using industrial-looking photos could be to employ staples perhaps as part of the design. Happy sampling!

    1. Olga, very many thanks for your most helpful comments. One or two detailed close-ups would have been helpful here, I think! Almost all the extension lines were done with tiny dots in black Pitt pen since the fine quality I was after couldn't be achieved on paper with stitch.
      Your frog tape suggestion is most helpful and I will buy some to try next week. The thought of using staples to anchor the photos is especially interesting - perhaps on slightly larger photo croppings so they don't dominate the images.


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