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Sunday, 28 February 2016

An almost spring day

Last week, as I drove to Cheltenham in the early morning, I stopped at this favourite spot to admire the clear blue sky, the late winter frost on the fields, and the sunlight over the Vale of Evesham below:

... and to enjoy a beautiful start to the day which sent me on my way with heart rising.

Clear frosty mornings like this one have been rare. The winter here in England has been extraordinary- one of the warmest on record. Snowdrops have been flowering since the end of December and hawthorne hedges sprouting since early January, The lawn had grown so much that my husband dusted off the mower in mid-January and mowed the grass.

These recent late winter mornings of frost have been something of a relief. 


  1. Beautiful view I love these frosty mornings and the lovely sun we have been having.
    I saw that you were interested in Lesley's (printed material) book class, I have signed up for it, maybe I will meet you there?

    1. We might just ... though I have yet to sign up. I'm booked on the Sketchbook pages weekend workshop with Sue Brown on 7 - 8 May but October is rather a long way off to commit myself ... but it would be fun to meet you.


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