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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Faint and delicate circles

I experimented this morning drawing circles with a small selection of graphite pencils, thick and thin. The idea was to  go simple and minimalist and to work again on just how pale and soft I could go and still maintain some impact. All this was in contrast with the crisp black and white photos I've been working on a lot recently.

 Near circles over one another: on top, drawn with the fine point of a graphite pencil, and underneath, with the angled end of a thicker graphite stick.

A series of circles on top of one another using the fine pointed stick, the base of a chubby graphite stick flat on the paper and underneath it all, graphite pencil shavings spread wide and soft with a finger

 Simple circle made with the base of the chubby graphite stick 

Graphite pencil shavings drawn with a slightly damp finger

Next, I may print out one or two of these onto thick drawing paper or fabric to see what stitching I'm moved to do.


  1. Very nice. I especially love the last one, reminds me of Japanese enso. Hugs.

    1. I too thought Japanese when I was doing these ... something about the completeness or infinity of the circles.


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