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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Artist Ann Christopher

I've been searching awhile for ways to extend work on black and white photographs.

This morning, a very good friend sent me this link to the work of artist Ann Christopher. In the quick look so far managed, I particularly enjoyed her drawings, assemblages and prints, of which these initially caught my eye ...

Ann Christopher   Power of Place 14   2007

Ann Christopher  Power of Place 9   2007

Wonderful, gentle and fascinating, these works exude a powerful sense of peace and rightness. I felt myself calmed as I looked at them and then I began to think.

Use of photos, extended drawing, graphite, air-light layering, black and white ... could this be one of those artistic light bulb moments?


  1. It is great when you find an inspiring artist whose work sets your juices flowing. I have seen Ann Christopher's work at the RA Summer Exhibition every year, but have not sought out her website before, so thanks for that link. Have fun pursuing your ideas.

    1. Indeed it is ... and it greatly helps when the find comes at the right time. I think this is one of those, but I guess time will tell.


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