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Saturday, 19 January 2013


I couldn't resist the lure of all that untrodden snow. Even on a grey January afternoon, there was lots to observe. I wish I could reliably recognise the tangible but fleeting record of wild visitors.

I'm sure I saw the prints of a small deer, a rabbit, a fox or two and a number of large birds under the yew trees behind our house ... and, of course, the trail of our cat as she walked, surveying her patch.

There was the view from the bottom of the garden into the small copse and out across the fields,  
the lovely tracery of trunks, branches and twigs in the wild hedge behind the house,

and the texture of the snow on the Silver Birch trunk, picking out the rough bark. 

Also, later in the afternoon, I couldn't resist manipulating one of the photos in Adobe Photoshop. I removed the colour and upped the contrast almost to maximum and got a graphic effect that pleased me. Perhaps I might abstract it for a textile sometime.

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