Monday, 14 January 2013


At last this morning, I've finished tidying my room and, spurred on by all the unaccustomed work space, I've managed to get started properly on my first Cotswolds geology piece.

I painted a trial length of fabric - shown left. As I'm impatient, I dried it on the Aga top, hence the circular marks. Apart from that, the colours are quite good but will need to be much more intense on the final fabric.

This afternoon, I painted my first length of background with much more concentrated Setasilk paints and am letting it dry naturally - no cheating on the Aga this time. It's shown here drying - and looks quite promising so far.

I love the rich colours that are possible with this method and the way they blend and run into one another - my reason for choosing silk and these paints.

I just hope I've painted them on with enough intensity so that they deliver the colours I'm imagining.


  1. I'm pleased you enjoy my blog. I certainly agree with you about the work of Roanna Wells, I also saw her work at Art in Action.
    Good luck with the work for the exhibition.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes. As well as Roanna Wells, I notice you also follow Alice Fox, another young artist whose work I admire.

  3. I love the images of Roanna Wells' work that you have shown on your blog and I intend to visit her site too, but must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting yours ! I accidentally joined your site as Connections (a blog I write for the group of fibre artists I belong to) ... one of our members is Sandra Meech ! ... so now you have 2 new members !
    I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Your work is lovely and I like the way you think !

  4. Thank you very much for visiting (and joining) my blog and for your lovely comments - most encouraging. For me blogging is a great way to reflect on what I am doing - and it's great to get feedback. Incidentally, I met Sandra Meech on a course at Farncombe in Worcestershire - a brilliant weekend!


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