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Thursday, 14 April 2016

This week in sketchbooks

I work a great deal in sketchbooks, trying out and developing ideas, going off at a tangent (there's lots of that), experimenting with techniques. This is a sample of my daily activity this week.

Row 1 Selection from left to right : 3D sketchbook pages with small cutouts; a 'blind' drawing of a special chair in Malmesbury Abbey; playing with a cola pen and tracing paper overlay.

Row 2 L to R: a fine charcoal stick pulled across the page with a tracing overlay; a first square cropping from a photo with tracing paper overlay;  a second square photo cropping with tracing overlay and possible stitch line in black pen.

I plan from now on to include weekly samples from my sketchbook activity from time to time. Many of these will probably also appear among my intermittent posts on my Instagram page.


  1. Gosh - these are so effective. What exactly do you mean by tracing paper overlay. These marks are fabulous!!!

    1. Very many thanks. These tracing paper overlays are fun to do but are made in a several-step process - I made simple marks, in this case with a thick graphite stick on watercolour paper, took photos, uploaded into Adobe Photoshop, intensified black/white contrast, printed out onto C-Trace tracing paper (heavier weight of this works better than cheaper tracing), cut out and stuck the marks onto small squares of photo or onto other marks made with pen or charcoal. You get subtle contrast between the tracing overlay and the uncovered areas. Could work really well in an altered book with those rich colours and lots of contrast ...?


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