Wednesday, 20 April 2016

In the Mirror Maze in Burghley Park

We had a wonderful day yesterday with a friend in Burghley Park near Stamford. There was so much to see and enjoy, both inside, and outside the house in the grounds and the formal gardens.

Here, I'm posting two photos taken in the Mirror Maze, changed to black and white and manipulated in Photoshop.


These are just a little taster of what's on offer ... perhaps more tomorrow when I'm home.


  1. Mirror maze, what an exciting concept. All sorts of resonances there! It brings to mind a piece seen at Fountains Abbey last summer ... you closed the door and were alone with your reflections, hundreds of them, fragmented in different ways. Rather claustrophobic!

    The manipulated photos are super.

    1. This wasn't claustrophobic, being in the open air and with some of the walls of the maze being constructed in hedge-lined wire mesh, but it was most frustrating and very disconcerting ! The mirror angles meant that I saw little of my own reflections but a great number of fascinating abstract images. I took lots of photos (nothing new there then)!


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