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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Playing with 3 D and simple book forms

Following a workshop with Amanda Hislop (which I blogged about here), I've been experimenting with simple folded book forms and various kinds of mark making. The pages of these books were then stuck together into simple 3D forms - sketch books in three dimensions perhaps ...?

Many of the 'marks' in this particular book are in a sense third hand and have involved small parts of printouts of previous drawings and my photos adjusted in Photoshop. These were printed onto computer or tracing paper and were then cut out and stuck onto the book pages, often one on top of another - mark making of a sort, I guess.

This particular form also looks good hanging but it proved impossible to photograph satisfactorily. 

As well as generating 3D forms, some useful juxtapositions of mark resulted from these experiments which will find their way into my other work, I'm sure. 


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    1. Bless you, Connie - and many thanks. I'm having fun ... but then I usually do!


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