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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Museum of Contemporary Art , Sydney 1


A rainy morning, the first of our trip, sent us to a much anticipated venue yesterday: The Museum of Contemporary Art here in Sydney. This gallery shows post war art by Australian artists. My researches on the internet before our visit had suggested a real pleasure awaited and we were not disappointed. Even the presentation of the sign at the entrance amused us.

We knew to expect much Aboriginal art in the collection which was certainly the case. In fact, there was so much of interest across a wide range of work that I give only a small sample here while I compose my thoughts about the rest of the collection.

For now, I've chosen beautiful coiled bowls from Arnhem Land, Northern Territories, which were grouped on plinths in the centre of one of the galleries.

                A palm coil weave basket by Alice Gundaburrburr, of the Kune Dangbon people.

               Another palm coil basket this time by Mary Markamurra, of the Kunwinjku people.

Perhaps my favourites because of their unusual structure, were a large dyed pandanus palm coil weave basket by Lena Rungwarnga of the Kune Dangbon people which took two years to make and featured a larger outer rim joined to the main body of the put thus ...


   and last of all ...
             a pandanus palm coil weave dish with a handle by Munduritji of the Kunwinjku people.

Each of these was exquisitely made and many were dyed in the subtle earth colours you see here and we spent a long time enjoying them.


  1. Thank you for sharing these. I do love baskets, and especially indigenous basket ware, and would happily fill the house with them given the space, time, money, .... I have admired those from Oceania from afar, and am always delighted to see more examples.

    1. These baskets were among the most accomplished I've ever seen - beautifully crafted and so subtly coloured - a delight.


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