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Friday, 27 November 2015

Fences, sheep and rusty huts

I have a weakness for dilapidated machinery and abandoned buildings. Here in New Zealand where there seem to be few old stone structures, most of the old farm buildings appear to be made of corrugated iron. They rust most artistically and I've had a lot of amusement photographing them and their contents, together with some made of wood - and of course, I've photographed sheep. This post then is a right old miscellany.

A tin store just ready to fall down somewhere in central New Zealand 


Sheep outside our window at Omaha Downs sheep station near Twizel and a glimpse of Mount Cook through the clouds in the distance.


and a rusty old tractor on the same farm.


A fence whose location I can't now remember.


A boat store near the lake at Queenstown 

Tonight's offering just down the road in Fox Glacier on the west coast after a wonderful long drive over the Haast pass ... a rusty building and sheep...




  1. Lovely pics! I spent a month on the north island, many years ago. So beautiful. But I confess I skipped the south island because it is quite similar to British Columbia. Can't do it all!!! What a wonderful trip you are having!

    1. You are so right - you can't do it all which is why we've skipped North Island this time. We met up with American friends which made it even more fun ... And there are plans for a return visit to Oz and / or NZ but we have so many other places on our list - more choices!


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