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Monday, 16 November 2015

Looking up in Sydney

It is impossible to walk around the centre of this wonderful city without looking up. In every direction in Sydney, there are extraordinary modern buildings defining the skyline and marking the vertical, their plate glass walls reflecting their neighbours. I will admit to having taken hundreds of photos in different light conditions and from different angles. I include but a tiny sample of those which most took my eye.




If this trip has taught me nothing else, it's how much I love good modern buildings and especially the design elements and details to be found within them. I feel sure that when we return at the end of this trip, I'll look anew at those I see closer to home.


  1. Ohmygosh!!! What a wonderful documenting of your trip and what wonderful pics you are getting to play with later!! Thank you so much for posting!!

    1. So many photographs of buildings! Yesterday afternoon was spent in and around the Sydney Opera House ... What a building and more amazing photos to take. Today a walk along the coast by way of a diversion ...


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