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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Random marks on a regular pattern

 On Monday, while making marks, I played with producing regular patterns with Quink ink and a bamboo pen that I'd disrupted in some way.

In the first example, I made a regular pattern with the pen dipped intermittently into ink and dragged it across as it dried.  I splattered the still-wet pattern with the water used to clean my brushes in earlier experiments, dropping this onto the paper surface from a mop brush. I then intensified the ink in one or two places.

In the second case, I reversed the process. I wetted the paper thoroughly with the dilute ink / water. painted across with a sponge brush soaked in less dilute water and then scored across the wet surface with the bamboo pen creating roughly parallel lines.

In both these, the water / dilute ink picked up and diffused the Quink and caused it to split into those satisfying patterns and colours I showed a couple of days ago. However, I have to admit, the process of photographing the images intensifies the colour (especially the blues) rather.

My next thoughts are centred around resists (perhaps stitch) and investigating the use of rock salt granules.

... The possibilities of all this are endless ...!

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