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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Walking, jumping and looking

The other day, we walked up to the Burn O'Vat (near Dinnet in Aberdeenshire) with our grand children and son in law. It was a lovely short walk just suited to small legs with lots of opportunity to look at frogs and flowers, and at fish in the burn and to jump in muddy puddles (I was very tempted to join in), to wade through the clear flowing water and to climb up the rocks of the waterfall.

... And yes they did get wet (very) but the weather relented and the sun came out and no one minded at all. 

But now we have all moved on. They have gone to meet up with the other grand parents on the west coast of Scotland and we are on our way to the Orkney Islands for a week of bird watching and visiting the sites of ancient habitation to be found all over the islands.


  1. Oh, it does sound as if you are having a lovely holiday! Enjoy!

    1. We are ... The grand children are such a joy and we are so lucky to be able I to spend extended time with them.


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