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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Paper 53 and drawing

Since leaving Orkney on Saturday, I've downloaded the hundreds of photos I took onto my iPad. As I look at them arranged on the screen, I'm struck by all the hills, islands and stretches of water that appear in them. They offer so many possibilities.

I've also been playing with the drawing package Paper (by 53 and a free download). I've had it downloaded and waiting to be used almost since I bought my iPad a few months ago but have had only had the very briefest of plays with it so far. As we have a few days remaining before we return home finally at the end of this week, I'm spending a gentle evening combining the two thoughts in some monochrome experiments. I include the two most successful below. 

Although I'm not sure this offers everything I'm looking for in a drawing package, it is simple and easy to use. I will experiment further to improve my control of the size and outline of the shapes as I draw them.


  1. These are very stunning and appealing to me ... so glad you had a few moments to play with that art program !
    I am looking forward to a few more photos of this Orkney landscape ... I imagine living with views like this and wonder how my ancestors adjusted to their new Canadian landscape of tall, dense forests, raging rivers and deep gorges as they trekked to their new home and set to work building log cabins before the winter set in. I'm sure the cold of winter didn't disturb them much ;)

    1. Hi Sharron. Look later today for a quirky take on the Orkney / Scottish landscape and further photos. What an extraordinary contrast your ancestors must have experienced. I suspect that, as well as the landscape, the climate must have been a shock too. The Orkney winters are cool but not continental-cold. Deep frosts and long-lasting snow are relatively rare. The islands are in the Gulf Stream so this keeps them mild for their northerly latitude (58N).
      We discovered with interest that the Hudsons Bay Company recruited widely in the islands and that there are many from Orkney who explored the Canadian north in the 1800s. Is that how your ancestors reached Canada?

  2. This looks really great! I've never heard of this programme but shall certainly look into it! Enjoy and keep posting so WE can enjoy your work too.

    1. Thank you - I will keep posting though I have been away so much recently that I haven't much of my own work to show.


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