Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pixeladies Course 2

Just before I went to France, I began the Pixeladies second Photoshop course. As before, it is excellent and I'm learning a great deal. The main thing we have been working on so far this time has been the use of the selection tool in order to work on sections of an image. This like the use of layers is a revelation to me.

After completing the exercise set on the course to learn the techniques, I took a favourite photograph of a (dead) tree, selected parts of it and then dropped in different vivid and contrasting background colours in a series of experiments.

Initial selection and duplication of the image

Image with vivid colour choice

Image further simplified and with gentle colour choice

I know this is only the beginning. I'm really beginning to realise fully the enormous power of Photoshop as a design tool and the speed with which one can achieve changes to images. It's really most exciting ... and I'm only half way through this course!


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