Thursday, 9 July 2015

Graphite pencils and a drawing

While I was in Devon recently, I experimented with some new graphite pencils and sticks - of various thicknesses, intensities and lengths.

I sat on the beach and completed this quick drawing showing the fissures in the large slabs of slate all around me.

I used the pencils and the sticks on their points, on their ends and on their sides ... more mark-making which I will pursue further when I'm home for a prolonged period later in the summer.

I'm afraid all those plans to make a mark a day, every day, have fallen by the wayside - too many other commitments, but I do miss it. I will start again when my head is clear of all the other stuff of family life. How do people manage to be more single-minded?


  1. Yes ! How do some people manage to be so single-minded ?
    Maybe they have no family or if they do, they must have trained themselves to set it aside once they enter their creative abode ... a skill that I have never learned !
    Have a good summer, Margaret ;)

  2. Very many thanks, Sharron. I find I often spend more time thinking about things tha actually doing ... Not sure whether that's a good thing or not ...


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