Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Devon in June

My husband and I had a recent trip to North Devon - to a favourite hotel perched right on the cliffs and looking toward the island of Lundy. It is a beautiful spot in warm sunny weather and a thrilling and exhilarating place in a storm.

Over the years, we've experienced both, but this time we were lucky. The weather was benign - warm and sunny for most of our visit. We enjoyed time on the beach, gentle walks and (tide permitting) body-surfing in the sea for me.

As usual, I took my camera and captured some memory gems a few of which I show below.

From a distance on a warm afternoon, I saw this family down on the beach enjoying a rock pool - and giving me lovely reflections.

On a cloudier afternoon, we walked along the headland and back to our hotel and found this riot of green in a quiet valley behind our hotel.

All around Woolacombe there are dry stone walls built from the local slate. The makers of these walls dreamt up amazing patterns by putting the slates at so many angles ... and, no doubt, time and gravity have enhanced their efforts. They were irresistible and I took a great number of photos. Each pattern seemed more extraordinary than the last. 

One the last day, we had a rather cloudy picnic on the headland at high tide and watched the waves breaking beneath us. I took over forty photos as I tried to catch the waves as they broke. I must perfect my use of Burst Shooting!

This was a lovely peaceful time - with some delicious pampering. Each time we visit, we promise ourselves we will be active and walk lengths of the coastline but each time, if the weather allows, we sit on the beach, swim and body surf in the sea, enjoy the peace of the views ... and eat far too much! 


  1. Replies
    1. It was - calming and relaxing and with that happy familiarity of having visited several times over the years.

  2. What a beautiful spot ! ... and that stone wall is to die for !

    1. It's a lovely place and the views from the hotel and its grounds are wonderful. The stone walls are all over the place here in Devon. This haphazard pattern was only one of many. I have a feeling others may pop up on my blog in the future.

  3. The slate walls are definitely an exercise in mark-making - on a grand scale.

    1. They are indeed. I'm sharpening my graphite pencils and Conté sticks ready for my return from a twinning trip to France!


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