Monday, 15 June 2015

More black and white and abstraction

I've been continuing with the Pixeladies Photoshop course 1 over the weekend.

Then today, we've been covering adjustment layers, a filter and the colour picker and brush tool all for adjusting photos.

These black and white images (I was supposed to working in monochrome and you can guess how well that suited me!) are the result, all taken from images of trees in Scotland and Somerset in the UK.

Trees in Glen Tanar, Aberdeenshire.

More trees beside Loch Kinord, also in Aberdeenshire. I've worked on an image similar to this before (I have lots) but not with adjustment layers. 

And last of all, a favourite view on a friend's farm in Somerset, (though too far west to show Glastonbury Tor this time) exploiting black/white contrast and diagonals.

These are all on my learning curve and I know there will be heaps more to learn in Course 2 which begins at the start of July. 


  1. These images are fantastic. Really enjoying following this journey you are on. X

    1. Very many thanks, Nora. Good to hear from you. It's a fun journey and I have time right now to enjoy it. The skills I'm learning with these Photoshop courses are going to be so useful. My next plan is to buy a good printer so I can print some of these images out myself - so much more immediate than sending them off to be printed. Then I can plan some stitching.


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