Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Glam Girls' Collage

I led a creative day today at a meeting of Great Western Embroiderers, the group I stitch and exhibit with. From time to time, we try to do things that take us outside our usual box and away from textiles and stitch. Where this takes us is always interesting and ideas generated often pop up unexpectedly in future work.

Today, We drew round projected silhouettes of our heads and shoulders and then collaged the images with torn up paper of various types and colours. The first shown below is a simple version I did before the meeting to illustrate the idea. After this, there follow several versions completed by members - some most unusual, and all reflecting aspects of the creator's personalities and interests.

I love the mad hair and the colour scheme of this one from new member Cath Smith ...

... and the mad, improvised eye and mouth in this one by Mags Griffiths.

I love the calm and the detail in this one (not yet quite finished) by Ruth Hayman - it reflects its creator ...

and the texture of the hair and the contrast with the disconcerting face in this one by Debbie Turner 

and more mad hair (and a nod to Ascot?) in this by Freda Skull.

Last of all, two that reflect the gardening interests of their creators, Caroline Goss ...

and Jane Smith.

Great fun was had by all and there was a most productive buzz about the room as everyone worked. I shall be fascinated to see in what form this appears in people's work. 

PS Sorry to those not featured here because your work was not finished. Email me an image when it's completed and I will add it to the post. 


  1. What a great idea ! ... and each portrait makes you think about the person that is being represented ! At least from out here.
    Does she really have wild colourful hair ?, does she really have green hair or is she a gardener as well as an embroiderer? would other members easily recognize the person behind the portrait ?, or did that matter ?
    Lots of fun anyway !

    1. Thank you for your comment. These images were both a surprise and yet gave great clues to some of the people behind the work - but then I know them all well and know what to expect from them. The person creating the face with the wild colourful hair has a wonderful head of wavy dark hair. As she is new to our group, her work was a real surprise. I think many of the members of the group would be able to attribute the work to the right people ... but I could be wrong. It would be fun to try out the hypothesis.

  2. j'ai parcouru les billets manqués... les effets pinceaux sont magnifique et ces portraits aussi!

    1. Ces derniers temps, j'étais très occupé. Je dois lire également vos billets manqués - un plaisir sans aucun doute ... peut-être demain matin!


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