Thursday, 21 March 2013

Orange too

Following yesterday's accidental twitch of the mouse which led to an early posting, I've found time after all to post again - on the right day - and here are a few more oranges from the archives, with special reference to tints and shades. The images come from a bit of paper fun, from inside Salisbury Cathedral, and from a shelf of long treasured books.

Looking at them had me pondering upon the point when orange becomes brown or yellow, or perhaps cream or red ....

Paper folding for Christmas
- bright orange or scarlet red?
Metal stacking chairs in the Cathedral
- deep orange or copper brown?
Inside the tower of Salisbury Cathedral
- soft, muted oranges
The joy of a good book, long treasured
(definitely orange)
Amazing what you can find when you look with the right colour in your eyes.

(PS If you're new to this whole orange thing, look at my blog post yesterday to find out what we're up to.)

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