Sunday, 17 March 2013

Domestic gate art

Everywhere we went in Thailand we saw fascinating examples of domestic gate art - for such these lovely things appeared to my Western eye. 

Many were glimpsed as we sped past in a tuc-tuc or taxi and photographs were either impossible or the results very disappointingly blurred. I had more success on foot, although, as luck would have it, these were not quite so exciting. 

The references were sometimes obvious and many seemed to depict the lotus flower ....

... or to show the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma - the teaching of the path to enlightenment.

In many others, I was not sure of the symbolism - thought I'm sure there was some - but just enjoyed them for their exhuberence.

In yet others, I was fascinated by the modern, practical nature of their design. 

Sad to think that in this country such gates would be considered overblown and ostentatious.

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