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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Developing an image

On Instagram recently (link in the side bar), I posted these details among others of the tiny Miniature Reflections pieces that I have recently shown hanging in a group in the Lansdown Gallery.

They were developed from an image that I've now worked on further in Photoshop with a view to some new work. Initially, I made the image more and more complex with overlays and duplication and then gradually simplified it again to reach satisfying end points that I could save for future use. 

I use this technique a lot with various others as I develop images for my work. 

1. The original image                                        2.  Duplicate layer added with layer by cut         3. Turned layer added onto first image 

4. Layers mirrored making complex image      5. Two layers, one turned & cropped     6. Simplified image hiding one layer 

I will undoubtedly use these images as I work towards my next piece of new work, most likely choosing from the last three. I will print them onto fabric and manipulate them in the hand (armed with a pair of scissors!) as I piece them with other fabrics. 


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